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Healthy Eating Policies :

What people eat is known to be one of the key factors influencing long term health of students and staff. The school day provides the opportunity for having at least one of the daily meals within the school. The curriculum provides an opportunity to learn and explore about food and healthy lifestyles. Through these guidelines De La Salle College aims to help all those involved in our school community, e.g. students, staff and parents in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.


  1. Parents / Guardians should ensure that their child has a balanced breakfast to help them learn and concentrate better in school or alternatively avail of the breakfast club/ canteen in the school.
  2. Parents / Guardians should ensure that their child has a healthy lunchbox which includes a helping of food from the bottom four shelves of the food pyramid or alternatively avail of the healthy options in the school canteen.
  3. Some of the healthy snacks that are encouraged include fresh fruit, vegetables, seed pots, cheese, standard yoghurts (non dessert), plain rice cakes, crackers and small scones (plain, fruit or wholemeal).
  4. Healthy drinks that are encouraged are milk and water.
    • Milk is an excellent source of calcium which is the main mineral present in bones and teeth.
    • Water will be made available throughout the day, however large bottles of water and drinking in class are not permitted.
For sustainability purposes students are encouraged to bring a
small reusable bottle of tap/ still water to school for break times.
If students do not drink enough water, they may become dehydrated, thirsty, tired and weak.


  1. Pure unsweetened juices or well diluted no added sugar squashes (1 part squash: 8 parts water) may be included but only as part of a student’s main lunch meal.
  2. Chocolate spreads, chocolate/cheese dips and chewy /sticky bars, biscuits, cakes, sweets, nuts (due to risk of allergy), crisps, instant noodles, cereal bars, fizzy drinks, sports/energy/caffeine drinks and juice drinks are not encouraged.
  3. The school canteen and vending machines will provide healthy food and drink choices in line with healthy eating guidelines and food hygiene regulations.
  4. Hot foods purchased from outlets such as takeaways, delicatessens, garages etc are not recommended due to their usually high fat and salt content. They are not permitted for consumption on the school premises.
  5. Nutrition & healthy eating is included as part of the school curriculum.
  6. Teachers and staff will provide positive modelling and encourage healthy eating including provision of non-food related rewards.
  7. ‘Healthy Eating Awareness Events’ will be held annually as an incentive to encourage healthy eating at school and at home.
  8. On special occasions (decided by the school) food related treats are permitted.
  9. The ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines’ will be reviewed every two years by the health promotion committee and the policy will be visibly displayed in the school.


Thank you for reading our Healthy Eating Policies for your convenience you can download a copy by clicking here.