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De La Salle Founder

  • St John Baptiste De La Salle – Born April 30th 1651, Reims, France
  • Founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Brothers)
  • Devoted his life to the education of the less fortunate
  • He is a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church and is the Patron Saint of Teachers
  • Today, his name is given to over 1,000 schools in 84 countries worldwide, including ours

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to give a human & Christian education to our students, with special concern for those who are disadvantaged.

De La Salle College is a community where the different groups associated with it – teachers, management, parents & students – work together in close partnership for the good of all.

De La Salle College is a voluntary secondary college under the trusteeship of the Le Chile Trust.

The college is managed in accordance with the Lasallian principles and philosophy.


  • To enable each student to achieve growth & maturity
  • To hand on the Christian faith & values in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church
  • To prepare our students for further education & development
  • To broaden horizons through a variety of experiences within the school and by recognising achievements attained outside of school
  • To provide a curriculum suited to the intellectual, practical & physical needs of each individual child
  • To provide a caring environment
  • To promote confidence & self-esteem in each student
  • To create an awareness of a need for tolerance & sensitivity towards others
  • To develop good relationships and closer links between school, home & the wider community
  • To provide an atmosphere where learning is stimulating, enjoyable & fulfilling
  • To create an awareness in all students of their cultural identity & traditions

College Motto

The Motto – “RactaSapare” means “Right Judgement”, or knowing what is right. It reminds us of the importance of truth in our lives and is fundamental to the college’s code of behaviour which is centred heavily on the notion of mutual respect.